Old stories in new clothes.

Genre Twisting
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Where your favourite stories switch genres - fanfiction and fanart with a new twist.

Ever wondered what Star Wars would be like as a Western? Or how Sherlock Holmes would have fared as the hero of a bodice-ripper? Ever wanted to write that? Well, then, congratulations, you're in the right place! This is a community for fan creations - fic, art, plushies, whatever - that take an original story/series/novel/movie and rewrite it in a wholly different genre.

Interested? Read this post for guidelines, rules and more info.

Perhaps you're here for the Genretwist Challenge? The info post for that is here and the sign-up post here.

Please note that you can post any twist here at any time, not just Genretwist Challenge fic!

Sister community on Dreamwidth: Genre-Twisting.

Associated communities: transficathon, fanfictarot, cheesemongers, bodice_laces.

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